About the Artist: Lauren Fraser

Growing up in Oklahoma, Lauren Fraser enjoyed painting and making collages which helped foster a feel for colors and shapes.  During her teenage years, browsing through the antique stores in little towns, she always keeping her eyes peeled for treasures.  Things haven’t changed much for Lauren, and today she still enjoys expressing herself artistically and still goes gaga for kitsch.

It was while planning her June ‘09 wedding that she decided she wanted her guestbook attendant and other honored friends to have a keepsake from that special day.   Thus inspiring her to create individualized fabric corsages!  Somehow it occurred to Lauren that it would be much easier to attach the corsage, or “Posie Badge” as they are now referred to, to the wearer’s outfit with a strong pair of magnets.  "I’m sure someone has thought of this before because it seems so simple," comments the creator.  This eliminated the need for a pin which can poke holes in clothing and also can be difficult to secure.  Lauren has gone beyond traditional fabric and sequins for making these little pretties, employing crocheted flowers, ribbons, trims, and sparkly beads to jazz up the badges.

Formerly Alabaster Jellyfish, which sold many different kinds of things from bags to hand crochet mittens, Lauren has decided to reinvent herself and start a new store.  "I really want the focus of Little Temple to be the badges, but you never know what might pop up!" trills Lauren.

Today, she lives in Nebraska with her loving husband Robbie and their cat Opal.  She has an exciting career in sign language interpreting, but she definitely makes plenty of time for crafting, playing board games, and cooking with Robbie.  "It is so fantastic to have a creative husband because I can use him as a sounding board. I really trust his artistic opinion."

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